Our organisation is focusing on discovering music in an easy, fresh and new way. Visitors can search for a specific artist, different categories or can use our ‘Take me to a random:’ buttons that takes them to a completely random page or category. Once on the page of an artist they can choose in which way they want to discover the artist. We provide trusted sources and general information. The artist receives more views/streams/followers and maybe even gains some new fans!
The same goes for event pages. We provide trusted sources and general information and the event receives more visitors/followers.

We are fully independent and that is our power! Promoted or collaborated content are always clearly visible and marked and we don’t work with certain algorithms that pushes selected artists.

We work from within our passion of music and always believe in the best of another. This way we hope to grow fast together and wanna contribute to a better and brighter future of music.

Discover all sorts of music to your taste!

We provide, you discover.

Meet Our Team

Tim Bokhorst
In memory of: Tim Bokhorst Co-Owner

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