Bruno Major Check Mark 6

General Information

Name: Bruno Major

Stage name: Bruno Major

Born: 1988

Home town: Northampton

Country: England

Profession: Singer-songwriter

Years active: 2014 – present


Record Companies



All Songs

  • Bad Religion
  • Children
  • Cold Blood
  • Dreaming
  • Easily
  • Fair-Weather Friend
  • Figment Of My Mind
  • Home
  • I’ll Sleep When I’m Older
  • I Think It Must Be Christmas
  • Just The Same
  • Like Someone In Love
  • Losing Hand
  • Nothing
  • Old Fashioned
  • Old Soul
  • On Our Own
  • Places We Won’t Walk
  • Regent’s Park
  • Second Time
  • She Chose Me
  • Shelter
  • Tapestry
  • The First Thing You See
  • The Most Beautiful Thing
  • There’s Little Left
  • To Let A Good Thing Die
  • Wouldn’t Mean A Thing
  • Don’t You Want Me (Scary Pockets)
  • Stay (Rihanna & Mikky Ekko)


  • Bill Wurtz
  • MJ Cole
  • Scary Pockets
  • SG Lewis

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